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  • [tlug] C&C on trolling., Edward Middleton
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  • [tlug] E-mail profiling (Was: Re: Test, feel free to ignore), Ai Ling
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  • [tlug] usb microscope for linux?, Michal Hajek
  • [tlug] Laptops and 42" Flat Screen TV For Sale, Curt Sampson
  • [tlug] [Slightly OT] Is anyone in Kyushu, Kenneth Burling
  • [tlug] [announcement] 2009-12-19 TLUG Technical Meeting & Bonenkai - Update, Edward Middleton
  • Re: [tlug] Tech Party '09 - RSVP deadline today., Edward Middleton
  • [tlug] [OT] job posting, A.Tomita
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  • [tlug] An Epson Scanner Darkly, Dave M G
  • [tlug] Repairing a Possible Attack, CL
  • [tlug] Making a windows share with write permissions from Ubuntu, Dave M G
  • [tlug] Happy New Year (especially to git proponents), Shawn Brown

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