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  • Re: [tlug] [CFP] Call for presenters - October Technical Meeting, Travis Cardwell
  • [tlug] [announcement] October 11 TLUG Technical Meeting, A.Tomita
  • [tlug] Haskell Meeting on October 25th, Yasuaki Kudo
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  • [tlug] [meta] focus, projects, series, Travis Cardwell
  • [tlug] Oops, what a waste of a good cup of tea, Darren Cook
  • [tlug] [OT] Asus RT-AC68U router for sale, Pier Fumagalli
  • [tlug] [Announcement] Rakuten Techology Conference and Comminity meetup on 23rd, 24th, and 25th of October, Hiro Yoshioka
  • [tlug] Jedi Masters, or an alternative history of programming languages, Josh Glover
  • [tlug] Apache mod_autoindex issue..., Bruno Raoult
  • [tlug] [announcement] November 14 (Fri) TLUG nomikai, A.Tomita

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