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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input - Kubuntu 12.04 LTS

On 10/13/2013 11:28 PM, Lyle H Saxon wrote:
I haven't completely given up on Kubuntu/Ubuntu yet, but at this point, Debian is easier to use than Ubuntu... which seems a little strange... Lyle

At the suggestion of several others (all of which are nested up in another branch of this discussion) to try Something Else, I have been trying out A LOT of different Linux types to see what else works better than the Kubuntu 13.04 install that has become a daily adventure in configuration.

So far, Debian Wheezy + XFCE and LXDE both look promising, although I haven't tried the KDE desktop version, yet. But, XFCE includes Thunar File Manager, which has got to be the Special Needs kid of the entire Linux world. Suddenly, it's 1986 and you're back using Windows 1.0. It is a major step down from Dolphin and Krusader. I installed Gnome Commander just to keep my sanity.

Debian Gnome is losing ground rapidly because it trades pretty for obvious. First time I haven't been able to just drag and drop the contents of the top panel into the bottom panel so there is just the one on the bottom, as I prefer. It is still in there simply because its menus would take a whole lot less reorganization than the other two, which seem to have been stream-of-consciousness efforts.

Fedora 19.1 fell down at the starting gate by refusing to install on a virtual disk and then not being able to provide better than 1024X768 graphics when it finally did. It is also a stone bitch to awake once it drops into sleep mode and it refuses to say what it is looking for to let me back in.

FreeBSD 9.2 is arcane by the standards of someone who has become GUI-oriented, but is still in the running for convenience of installation and setup.

SuSE is in the wings.

I'll report more later

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