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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input - Kubuntu 12.04 LTS

On Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 2:59 AM, Bruno Raoult <> wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 13, 2013 at 4:28 PM, Lyle H Saxon <> wrote:
>> I haven't completely given up on Kubuntu/Ubuntu yet, but at this
>> point, Debian is easier to use than Ubuntu... which seems a little
>> strange...
> Do you mean that Debian Japanese installation works better than Ubuntu
> Japanese one?

Firstly a big "Yes" to that question...

> Or that Debian English one is better than Ubuntu, for Japanese input?

Not sure about this, as I decided to just go with a Japanese install
to expedite getting Japanese to work with everything.

> This is not what I understood from previous posts (I suppose all issues were
> coming from English install, as I would expect Japanese version to include by
> default everything necessary for JP input)

Yeah, anyone would *think* a Japanese install would have Japanese
working by default, and it basically does with Debian, but not with
recent versions of Ubuntu/Kubuntu.  You have to jump hoops here and
there and get broken things to work.  Strangely/surprisingly, Japanese
input on a Japanese install of Ubuntu/Kubuntu is broken.

Actually, I did go through the ways of getting Japanese going with the
Japanese install of Kubuntu (starts off broken, but isn't too hard to
get going), and a little with an English install of Kubuntu, that I
was able to get partially working (but in very few applications).

I then wanted to see if getting Japanese working in Ubuntu was as
broken as it is in Kubuntu, but Ubuntu no longer has supports the
graphics chip in my computer (which Kubuntu still does...).  No screen
image means nothing can be done, so I had to abandon Ubuntu.  Never
mind getting Japanese to work (which I was able to do on a machine
with a graphics chip that is still supported - after jumping through
just a couple of hoops several months ago with a Japanese install of

And so I came to Debian, and not only can I get something onto the
screen (zero luck with Ubuntu there), but everything is working as
expected.  Now you bring it up, I regret not trying to get Japanese
working on the English-language install I did, but I was thinking in
terms of getting Japanese going (in everything) as soon as possible,
and trashing the English-language install and going with a Japanese
install seemed the most expeditious way to do so.

In any case, I *can* compare both an English install and a Japanese
install of Kubuntu with a Japanese install of Debian (relating to
having Japanese input capability) and also to an English install of
Debian (relating to overall functionality of the machine).  Aside form
the Japanese input issues and graphics chip support issues, the UI of
Debian is more logically laid out and easier to use than the horrible
new UI of Ubuntu and a little better than the new Kubuntu as well.
I'm actually helped here with my old machine, as the hated automation
c**p of the new Gnome I am automatically spared, since my machine
can't handle it.


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