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Re: [tlug] modprobe.conf

On Wed, 10 May 2006 10:35:14 +0900
Edward Middleton <> wrote:

> This should generate all the required configuration options.  You should
> not need to touch the modprobe.conf modules.conf or any other module
> configuration file.
I thought the /etc/modutils directory was there for this purpose.

Actually I just looked at my 2.6.16 system with lsmod and I see a bunch
of modules running that I'll never need (like floppy).
I somewhat liked the old 2.4 days when only the module that I needed was
running. The current 2.6 approach (udev, hotplug or whatever is doing
this) is like the way windows works: lets just load everything available.

Back in the 2.4 days the scsi subsystem with the adaptec driver for my
plextor cdrw drive would only load if I'd access the device. Since I'm
using it pretty rarely this was fine. Now with 2.6, all this stuff is
loaded at boot time giving me a ~10sec delay because of the scsi init
process. There is probably a solution to this (RTFM), but I'm getting
sick of reconfiguring the module subsystem every 6 months with every
third kernel release.

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