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Re: [tlug] Anyone running a linux server on a mini-ITX MB or similar?

On Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 14:46:09 +0900, Scott VanDusen <> wrote:
> I'm planning on building a new server as my previous server had a processor meltdown (need to clean those processor fans
> will be running the standards, apache2, php4, mysql, as well as performing hide NAT for internal network.
> Because the server will be in the kitchen, I'd like it to be both small and
> quiet- in fact if I can do it fanless that would
> be great. Has anyone set up a webserver on any of these micro architecture motherboards? If so do you have any
> recommendations or tips?

Haven't tried it myself, but this site has some info.

There are also user-submitted project stories, some of which are very, uh,
innovative. Like this PC built into a George Foreman grill.
It's supposedly fairly quiet, and might fit right in with your kitchen decor. If
not, I think there's a waffle iron PC in there somewhere.


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