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[tlug] Microphone Works, But is Quiet (Re: Accessing microphone (back to actual microphone issues))

Dave M G wrote:

> The mike is actually picking up sound, but I basically have to swallow 
> the mike and shout to record anything. 

What kind of mike do you have? Electret? Condensor? Dynamic? Piezo? 
How many contacts does its connector have? 

> It seems to me I still have no control over it's gain. 

There is a kind of microphone that has a very small output signal 
which requires great amplification. There is also often an option 
to increase the input amplification by some amount, like by +20dB. 
Grope around and look for some kind of on/off option for increasing 
the input amplification by something like +20dB. The option might 
be in a mixer program, or in Audacity, or both, or could even be 
in some other program. 

Gain is how much amplification one has. 


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