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Re: [tlug] Microphone Works, But is Quiet (Re: Accessing microphone (back to actual microphone issues))

On 09/05/06, Jim <> wrote:

There is a kind of microphone that has a very small output signal
which requires great amplification. There is also often an option
to increase the input amplification by some amount, like by +20dB.

Many ALSA configurations that I have seen provide a control called
"+20dB Boost" or something of the sort, but I did not see it in Dave's
amixer output. That is what I was hoping for. Maybe someone who knows
a bit more about ALSA knows how to enable extra controls, like "+20dB
Boost" or "Input Gain".

Dave, the only suggestion I have left is to find out exactly which
chipset your onboard sound is (perhaps by looking at the manual for
the board, or Googling for the model of the board and "sound"), then
Googling for:

alsa "<chipset>" record

where <chipset> is the specific chipset of the onboard audio device.


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