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Re: [tlug] Accessing microphone

OK, maybe you just need to up the input gain:
amixer set "Input Gain" 100$ amixer set "Input Gain" 100
amixer: Unable to find simple control 'Input Gain',0

Is this not the same as using the GUI, or alsamixer (which has a DOS-style GUI within the terminal) to crank up the volume? Or am I confusing volume and gain?

Thanks. I guess you also have me to blame that sometimes the popups
float over the word that you are trying to read. :)

Oh, I barely notice that. It seems to only happen when there are enough definitions that the popup window runs out of room at the bottom of the screen, and gets pushed up. I actually had to try it now just to be sure what you were talking about. In any case, I move the mouse over, check the definition, and then move the mouse away quickly enough that I don't even think about it.

Dave M G

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