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Re: [tlug] Accessing microphone

On 08/05/06, Dave M G <> wrote:

What's happened is that in both Audacity and gnome-sound-recorder, I
tried recording my voice, and got no measurable response.

But then I noticed - and verified with much experimentation - that there
is sound being picked up on the microphone and outputted again through
speakers or headphones, but it's just incredibly light.

OK, maybe you just need to up the input gain:

amixer set "Input Gain" 100

How now (brown cow)?

PS: Josh, I just made the mental connection that you are responsible for
the Rikaichan port to Thunderbird. Great work there - I'm finding it
incredibly useful.

Thanks. I guess you also have me to blame that sometimes the popups
float over the word that you are trying to read. :) Computing the
offsets is fairly hackish in rikaichan, and my Thunderbird hack
certainly didn't add any clarity to that.

I use rikaichan all the time at work, so I guess that makes two
satisfied users of the Thunderbird port. :)


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