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Re: [tlug] Accessing microphone

On 08/05/06, Dave M G <> wrote:

Made some progress. Found a bug report that referenced the error output
I mentioned before.


However, I'm still not getting microphone input, so does the output
below reveal anything?

Indeed it does; in fact, it reveals just what I had hoped: that your
mic is not set as the capture device. Try this:

amixer set Mic 100 capture mute

Does recording work now?

A quick note about mute as it applies to input channels: a "muted"
input channel will still record, ut just will not playback. So if you
record (or use Skype or whatever) with your mic muted, you will not
hear your voice in your speakers or headphones. This is important when
you are recording with your speakers on, as you will get feedback
loops if you start speaking too loudly. Obviously, if you record with
headphones on, you don't have to worry about feedback and can safely
unmute the mic while you record.


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