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Re: [tlug] Microphone Works, But is Quiet (Re: Accessing microphone (back to actual microphone issues))

Josh, Jim,

Thank you for continuing to help.

If it turns out that all this time the problem was an un-amplified mike, then I will cry. But I'm pretty sure that isn't the case. I feel this way because I verified the mike works by plugging it into my Toshiba hand held voice recorder where it recorded at normal volumes without any form of additional amplification. The mike was also used previously on an iBook and on Windows without amplification. So although it hasn't successfully been used on this computer before, I'm pretty sure that the mike should work.

Though I do have a record of being wrong in spectacular fashion.

So, continuing with the theory that there is a working sound card integrated with the motherboard, and that it does have the ability to record and amplify mike signals, the problem seems to be configuring the appropriate drivers to allow gain control.

Did someone say "manual"? Here's what the manual of my Asus P5LD2-VM says for audio:

Realtek ALC882 8-channel High-Definition audio CODEC
S/PDIF out interface support
Universal Audio Jack (UAJ) Sensing Technology Support.

So I Googled for:
alsa Realtek ALC882 record

And got lots and lots of... stuff. This web page said "ubuntu does not support Realtek ALC882":
... which seemed overly pessimistic to me. Another page seemed to indicate ALSA could use the Realtek, but with Debian:

What I can't figure out now is:
What is the intel HDA sound? Is it perhaps obstructing the Realtek?

And correct me if I'm wrong, but are these the objectives I should be following:
1. Remove intel HDA (assuming it's just some default)
2. Get ALSA to use the Realtek
3. Try to get ALSA to configure gain on the Realtek

Dave M G

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