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Re: [tlug] modprobe.conf

Dave M G wrote:
> At this point I realized I didn't know what this modprobe.conf is 
> supposed to do for me. So I looked it up on Google and it seems to have 
> a lot to do with all sorts of devices, like net cards and video cards 
> and various other things.

It provides information that generally can't be determined automatically
about how modprobe should load modules.  Things like which sound card
should be loaded first.

>        b. Used "alsaconf" can autodetect which drive you need to install 
> (step 4).    

This should generate all the required configuration options.  You should
not need to touch the modprobe.conf modules.conf or any other module
configuration file.

> But I'm stuck on not only how to do this, but what it is I'm trying to 
> do. Aren't I simply trying to install a driver for this sound card?

No you shouldn't need to do anything, it should just work.  Hardware
vender's who care about Linux support make sure there drivers make it
into the mainline kernel were they will be supported by all
distributions and properly maintained.

> How come it's not a matter of downloading a repository package, like I did 
> for my video card, or getting some kind of tar.gz and doing a 
> make/install process like I've done for other things?

Again, the vendor.  The best advice I could give is complain to the
hardware vendor, tell them you expect it to be in the mainline kernel
and not some dodgy unmaintained module package.  If they don't listen
don't buy this kind of hardware and publically advise everyone you know
not to buy this kind of hardware.


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