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Re: [tlug] Re: Piping stderr?

>>>>> "Stephen" == Stephen J Turnbull <> writes:

    Jiro> Please study more about CSI first, if you insists CSI is
    Jiro> bad.

    Stephen> What's there to study?  According to you, I'm _already
    Stephen> doing_ CSI, just in a special case (always use Unicode as
    Stephen> the internal code).

    Stephen> Good!  Goodbye.

Sorry about the snippy response, but I was getting tired of going
around in circles.  Do take a look at your own diagram, substitute
"filter" for "API" at the top in two places.  The remaining difference
is that the bottom specifies Unicode for the internal encoding (the
intermediate conversion to UTF-8 is not significant).

Starting from my statements about shells and scripting languages, I
cannot say "substitute API for filter in the bottom".  Because, I
didn't describe an API.  However, for scripts there is iconv(1), and
for C programs there is iconv(3) (and the gconv family on GNU systems).
This can pretty easily be elaborated into an API.  Of course you still
need all the LC_* locale variables (even LC_CTYPE and LC_MESSAGES),
but now you can ignore the .encoding portion, and life is a lot easier.

Why does the internal encoding "have to be" Unicode?  It doesn't (Mule
is an example of a non-Unicode internal encoding, TRON code another).
But clearly you don't want it to be modal, and you do want it to be
universal, so that you can actually look at it in the debugger and
stuff.  So why not have it be the international standard?

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 My nostalgia for Icon makes me forget about any of the bad things.  I don't
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