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Re: [tlug] Re: Piping stderr?

At 28 Jun 2002 12:25:30 +0900,
Stephen J. Turnbull <> wrote:
>> You missed the point ;-).  The point is that the situation
>> I(somebody) need characters which is not defined will be
>> happend, then can't exchage the plain text.
> Exactly.  Can't.  Period.  End of text, end of file, end of
> transmission.  CSI doesn't help if _you_ have a character set that
> includes them, because _I don't_.

 You missed the point again ;-).  Well, my words were shorted, sorry for
that.  But I'm always saying that IF the character is not in unicode but
in other charsets O.K.?  I thoght it was easy to guess what I meant ;-).

>> But CSI gives a choice, use/not to use.  Maybe you want to
>> forbid using SJIS.  If so strip SJIS locale from the system,
>> then CSI programs never be able to use SJIS, it fallbacks
>> into 'C' locale.
> This is _exactly_ the problem.  I do _not_ want to forbid my users to
> use Shift JIS, not to mention all encodings unknown to me when I write
> my program.  AFAICT, that is exactly what I would be forced to do by
> CSI.

 ??????????  Sorry I don't understand your logic at all??
User can still use SJIS even removing SJIS locale by filtering, 
which is YOUR WAY.  No?

 I said you can forbid PROGRAMS to handle SJIS by removing SJIS locale, O.K.?
CSI forces you nothing according to your logic.  Can you tell me more detail
of your logic please??
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