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Re: [tlug] Re: Piping stderr?

At 24 Jun 2002 17:57:41 +0900,
Stephen J. Turnbull <> wrote:

>>  ??? What do you mean it, you meant localozed hard coded
> As far as I know, that's how Bash does it (at least, libreadline docs
> don't say anything about I18N).

 Aha, I see now.  We had a misconception :-).  The newest version of
bash(2.05a) does not have multibyte capability, yet.  And...

>> patch?  Then you are absolutely right.  If not, I don't
>> understand what you mean exactly.  If you think of I18N, it
>> includes multibyte capability.
> But that's not what Mike was talking about AFAIK.  Yes, Mike has
> worked hard for I18N for years at SuSE, and definitely is on the side
> of the angels in this.  But my understanding of the "multibyte patch"
> he was talking about is the kind of thing that we've seen in software
> like nemacs and j{sed,grep,gawk,perl,pine,...} for years, because
> that's what's available in Bash and csh (again, AFAIK).

  Mike knows better than me, but SuSE includes bash applied i18n patch
provided by li18nux.  So I thought Mike meant it :-).

>> I'd like to ask you that if I18N software is acceptable for
>> you? Why/Why not?
> Mostly, yes.  I need one M17N app, and XEmacs fills the bill.  For the
> rest, I18N is fine.  But it needs to be built around a general
> library.

 Good to here :-).  Some people are UTF-8 believer and never accept
CSI I18N concept ;-p.  CSI I18N includes UTF-8 support, I must say.
And yes, we need much better general library.

> I'm sick of fighting with *terms and j-apps that don't quite do it
> (and often break down quite badly outside of a Japanese/English
> environment).  Much better to stay inside of Mule and to use the
> excellent and well-defined (if cumbersome) tools provided by glibc.

 O.K, now the time forget about j-apps, but please forget about
UTF-8 apps as well, such are like uxterm...  apps which accpet only UTF-8
are as same as j-apps, just a multibyte enhancement, I think..

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