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Re: [tlug] Piping stderr?

>>>>> "Josh" == Josh Glover <> writes:

    Josh> Is it possible to pipe (not redirect) stderr?

    Josh> Ideas?

zsh is the "Shell of the Gods".  But if you won't listen to the doctor
and continue to bash yourself ;-) try

gcc --blow-chunks 2>&1 >catch-stdout | less

will give you a zero-length file named catch-stdout and "gcc: No input
files" in less.

If you want something more flexible (ie, piping both to different
places), you'll need named pipes.  Alternatively you could try process
substitution, but the idiom

gcc --blow-chunks 2>(less) >catch-stdout

confuses bash pretty good.

    Josh> 'foo | tee log' will handle that for stdout, but not stderr

foo 2>&1 | tee log

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