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Re: [tlug] Re: Piping stderr?

 huhhh, sorry for others, but I have to correct coz it is not true.
Stephen, you don't need to argue if you don't want, of cource.
If my english have been offensive to you and others, let me apologize.
That's totally my fault, eg my engilsh skill ;-).

At 28 Jun 2002 15:43:20 +0900,
Stephen J. Turnbull <> wrote:

>> It is CSI.  UTF-8 hard-coding program only support Unicode
>> charset.  What are you talking about?
> CSI, apparently.

 You said

> Therefore, I must provide facilities on my host (which typically is
> not the user's host) to handle all character sets known and unknown at
> the time of writing the program.

 Again I have to say  that Unicode hard-coding programns only suppourt
Unicode charset.  On the other hand, CSI have potential to support
other charset as long as system support.  So I'll conclude  what you
are talking can't be CSI.

>> Please study more about CSI first,  if you insists CSI is bad.
> What's there to study?  According to you, I'm _already doing_ CSI,
> just in a special case (always use Unicode as the internal code).

 It is codeset dependent, obviously.  And that's not CSI.
You miss the point again.  Using internal code is not the point.
Separating codset dependent part from programs is the point, that
I have been telling you in my poor English ;-).

 If I am asked to choose one codeset for now, I'll choose UTF-8(UCS-4). 
I say UTF-8 is the best for now, but not perfect.
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