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Re: [tlug] Re: Piping stderr?

>>>>> "Jiro" == Jiro SEKIBA <> writes:

    Jiro> 0xAAA1(GB18030).

I don't have a mapping table available, but according to Markus
Scherer, Unicode 3.0 contains all GBK, and therefore all of GB18030.

    Jiro> It is CSI.  UTF-8 hard-coding program only support Unicode
    Jiro> charset.  What are you talking about?

CSI, apparently.

    Jiro> Please study more about CSI first,  if you insists CSI is bad.

What's there to study?  According to you, I'm _already doing_ CSI,
just in a special case (always use Unicode as the internal code).

Good!  Goodbye.

Institute of Policy and Planning Sciences
University of Tsukuba                    Tennodai 1-1-1 Tsukuba 305-8573 JAPAN
 My nostalgia for Icon makes me forget about any of the bad things.  I don't
have much nostalgia for Perl, so its faults I remember.  Scott Gilbert

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