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Re: [tlug] IMEs in Mint?

On 14/04/05 15:44, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
Nah.  Mac OS X runs on hardware owned by Apple, and you can't really
use that hardware (which is pretty nice, no?) without using Mac OS X
(certainly not without *buying* Mac OS X).  Ditto, Windows until 1994
(or thereabouts, Microsoft literally owned the hardware in the same
way -- the so-called "Microsoft tax", and by then DOS and Windows were
inextricably-ensconced in the Intel world that the consent degree that
eliminated the Microsoft tax didn't really enable much additional

That "Windows until 1994" bit -- for me it was definitely "from," not "until." Up to then, Intel-based hardware and OS were always easily purchased separately, and for the OS I usually chose IBM's DOS/V or PC-DOS (once or twice with Windows 3.0 or 3.1 also purchased separately and installed atop the DOS) -- though there was also a ThinkPad 701C I bought that came with IBM's OS/2 preinstalled, and no Windows in sight. Around 1995 was when I started to find it impossible to buy a computer with no OS installed for a lower price than the same machine with Windows.

Stephen A. Carter
Nagoya, Japan

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