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Re: [tlug] IMEs in Mint?

Benjamin Tayehanpour writes:
 > On 3 April 2014 16:57, Scott Robbins <> wrote:
 > > In this case, the ibus developers do seem to want to work with people with
 > > problems, but with every Linux iteration, seems there's a decision made for
 > > us....

 > To be even more fair, no decision is really "made" for anyone.

Nonsense.  Decisions *are* made.  *Really.*  Definitely so if options
are actually removed rather than simply having defaults changed to
match the lowest common denominator.

The fact that you are legally permitted to do something about it if
it's free software sometimes helps reduce the pain, but mostly not.
People are too addicted to the 99% of decisions made for them that
they agree with.

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