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Re: [tlug] IMEs in Mint?

On Thu, Apr 03, 2014 at 08:12:00PM +0900, Darren Cook wrote:
> > I went with ibus.
> A bit concerned that the IME setting is desktop-wide. So when jumping
> from typing a Japanese email to the Firefox location bar, or a bash
> shell, I'm typing in Japanese...
> I'm concerned because I cannot find the setting to make it per-window,
> like I could in Ubuntu 10.04. And the following discussion seems to
> imply the per-window option was removed deliberately:

Y'know, every time there's a Linux upgrade, I find myself remembering the
Cory Doctorow comment about iTunes.

"No one woke up this morning and thought, "gee, I wish there was a way I
could do less with my music, maybe someone's offering that product today."

In this case, the ibus developers do seem to want to work with people with
problems, but with every Linux iteration, seems there's a decision made for

Though to be fair, it's also nice to have most hardware just work and not
have to worry about properly constructing an xorg.conf.  

Scott Robbins
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