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Re: [tlug] IMEs in Mint?

> I went with ibus.

A bit concerned that the IME setting is desktop-wide. So when jumping
from typing a Japanese email to the Firefox location bar, or a bash
shell, I'm typing in Japanese...

I'm concerned because I cannot find the setting to make it per-window,
like I could in Ubuntu 10.04. And the following discussion seems to
imply the per-window option was removed deliberately:

(The config option mentioned in comment#17 is not there for me. But I'm
not sure if that is because I'm using xcfe instead of Gnome 3.)

I don't suppose anyone using ibus on a recent Ubuntu/Mint could confirm
that a per-window IME setting is possible/impossible?

If I switch to try fcitx is there an option for per-window IME?


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