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Re: [tlug] IMEs in Mint?

> I'm thinking my next computer will run Linux Mint 16 (intending to
> upgrade to Mint 17, which should be LTS).
> ...Time passes...

So, new computer is running Mint 16, which I'm generally pleased with.

But installing IMEs has been generally quite painful, as usual. I've got
detailed notes, which I'll post them at some point. But I seem stuck
here, and I'm not sure which tree I need to bark up...

I went with ibus.
I went with mozc.
(Locale is en_GB.UTF-8, keyboard layout is Japanese "OADG 109A".)

In the keyboard icon in the toolbar, I changed from super+space to
ctrl+space, and I chose "Japanese - Mozc" as the only input method.

The issue I have is that ctrl-space is being ignored: well, I think it
is cycling through the single choice of mozc. (?)

Therefore I have to move the mouse to the toolbar and switch between
"Direct Input" and "Hiragana" to move between English and Japanese input.

Q. Should I install "normal" as an alternative ibus input method. Then
ctrl-space will toggle between them, and I can leave mozc configured to
always use Hiragana?
  PROBLEM: I cannot find a "normal" option. I tried adding one of the
"English" options, but then I have to chose a keyboard layout, and it
reset me to using an UK keyboard!

Q. Or, is there a keyboard shortcut to toggle between just "direct
input" and "Hiragana" in mozc?



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