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[tlug] MakerCamp on April 12

this was posted on the TLUG Facebok page:

There will be a Tokyo HackerSpace's big MakerCamp event in Odaiba on April 12 (Saturday).
It is part barcamp, part hackathon, and super free.

* What is MakerCamp? 

MakerCamp is a barcamp style event for makers, hackers, and DIYers.

Attendees have control over the topics, discussions and projects. Simply write your idea into a time slot on our schedule.

Attendees are then free to choose what topics to sit in on. As the person who wrote the topic, you serve as host, but are not obliged to have a prepared presentation.

Evening sessions will be longer, to allow for projects to be built, ideas to be tried out or prototyped, collaboration to happen and classes to be taught.

If you are not leading a discussion or a maker project, you are free to move from room to room.

At MakerCamp, we take rapid-fire discussion by mix Japanese and English, So we welcome to choose which language you want to use.

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