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Re: [tlug] IMEs in Mint?

On 3 April 2014 16:57, Scott Robbins <> wrote:
> In this case, the ibus developers do seem to want to work with people with
> problems, but with every Linux iteration, seems there's a decision made for
> us....
> Though to be fair, it's also nice to have most hardware just work and not
> have to worry about properly constructing an xorg.conf.

To be even more fair, no decision is really "made" for anyone. If you
don't like how things are put together, you are legally and
practically allowed to do your own take on it. If many people like
your take on it, voilĂ !, a new distribution is born. Obviously, not
everyone has the time and the know-how to do it, but the means *are*

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