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Re: [tlug] Open Access Journals

Raymond Wan writes:
 > On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 10:17 AM, Stephen J. Turnbull
 > <> wrote:
 > > AIUI, much of bioinformatics is about *historical* DNA, which is
 > > "complex" rather than "chaotic".
 > I can't comment about what you said before about economics, but what
 > you said above about bioinformatics is fairly accurate.

Thanks for the confirmation!

 > I jumped into the life sciences a bit late but I always envisioned
 > research to be about being interested in some phenotype, coming up
 > with some experiment to verify it, and if you're right, write it up.

That sounds like a good thing to research to me!

 > It's hard to say how much better bioinformatics is compared to what
 > you describe about economics...

Oh, I agree about the current state, and in practice the differences
among "true randomness", chaos, and complexity may be useless.  But in
the end, at least you can culture a cell, inject the computed DNA, and
see if the proteins come out.

We economists just do gendanken experiments and (since we've got
nothing better to offer) call that "proof"!

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