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Re: [tlug] IMEs in Mint?

On 4 April 2014 14:11, Scott Robbins <> wrote:
> Now could a good, or even mediocre, coder, find and fix this?  Almost
> certainly.  However, it's just one more thing that has now become more
> difficult to do.  There is still a fix, but knowing Fedora, it's quite
> possible that their developers will soon think, oh, everyone must have a
> laptop that uses DHCP, and it will become even more difficult to get
> NetworKManager out of the equation.

Sounds like an excellent reason to switch to another distro, if you
ask me. But, yes, I realise it's not an option for everyone.

> So, someone who has used Fedora for years, even if they are a skilled
> developer, will have to either switch, take their already limited time to
> find another distribution that works--which may not be an option at their
> job for whatever reason, or take their time to try to fix it for their own
> needs.  Sure, they can do that, but they may have things they'd rather be
> doing.

Well, you could pay some poor student in your vicinity to do it for
you. But yes, I see your point.

> That's probably no big deal to someone of your skill, but to an old guy
> like myself, who's always tired after work, usually has a list of chores
> that my lovely wife needs done, and who can't code, it is a big deal.

Look, I haven't denied any of that. I'm merely saying that the means
are there for anyone to use. Sure, there may be things hindering you
from doing anything about it, but those hinders have to do with you
rather than with the owner of the code, as is the case with closed
source. All in all, I prefer it that way. There's nothing worse than
having some unyielding factor keeping you from getting on with your
stuff. If I'm not doing the things I want, I'd rather have it be my
own fault.

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