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Re: [tlug] IMEs in Mint?

Benjamin Tayehanpour writes:

 > So fork it, put the code back.

Yeah, right.  Why don't you try it, and come back and tell us how easy
it is to do that?

 > There is no "end-user", unless you deliberately aim to be one.

End-users are just people with lives.

That is, all you have to do to become an "end-user" is install any
distro.  At that point there are going to be many small annoyances
that you'd like to change, just because people's tastes vary.  If
there's an easily discoverable option, you do.  If not, well, people
with lives don't have time to analyze unfamiliar code for every little
thing, let alone get it contributed back upstream.

 > Frankly, I'm surprised that the input methods seem to be so frail,
 > seeming as there are many people who are affected. Surely, some of the
 > affected are coders?

Are you really that inexperienced with the way these projects work?

Probably some of the affected are coders.  There's a reasonable chance
some among them have "fixed" it locally.  That doesn't mean they'll get
it into upstream, especially not if the "fix" was to reverse a change
that did get into the project.  Somebody who really cares might post
the fix in an unofficial branch on github, but it won't necessarily be
trivial to find, nor will the distros necessarily be willing to
maintain that patch themselves.

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