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Re: [tlug] french input (was Unity and stuff...)

>> I assigned left windows key as my compose key.
>> Then to type à I hold down the windows key and press a, then still
>> holding it down press ` (i.e. shift+@, i.e. three keys at once).
> On OSX I'd do:
> Alt+_ a for à
> Alt+_ e for è
> Alt+e e for é

Ah, it turns out it works that way on Linux too. I.e. I press
WIN+Special character. Then I just give the character I want to assign
it to (I.e. I don't need to keep compose key down for the second one.)

Of course, you'd need to retrain your fingers. WIN+_ a gives you ā not à.


P.S. ALT *could* be set as the compose key, but I don't recommend it, as
like on Windows, ALT is used as the keyboard shortcut for menus (at
least in Gnome).

Darren Cook, Software Researcher/Developer (About me and my work) (My blogs and articles)

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