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[tlug] Holy smokes, Unity and Gnome 3 suck worse than I ever could have imagined.


Upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10 on Friday, fought through the usual upgrade
pains... and for what?

Turns out Unity just stinks. As in "what died in here?" levels of stinkitude.

So I switch over to Gnome 3... and wow... just wow. I didn't think
anything could suck worse than Unity.

I learned they have a rollback to a "classic" Gnome interface... and
it's all busted up looking. Not all panel apps work, the themes don't
seem to match, there's a weird panel that doesn't do anything on my
second monitor, the system menu is gone... Oh, and Compiz doesn't

I tried to customize them, but they all resist customization. You
can't move the Unity Launcher at all. Right clicking on a panel in
Gnome 3 does nothing. Nothing works in Gnome Classic.

I can't believe how much this sucks. I really, really liked the old
Gnome interface.

I guess I'm basically just ranting, but if anyone has any suggestions
on how I can get a shell that simulates as much as possible the old
Gnome interface, let me know.

Dave M G

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