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Re: [tlug] Holy smokes, Unity and Gnome 3 suck worse than I ever could have imagined.

> Nigel Barker writes:

>> After all, that's why we use Linux - because it works better, right?

I don't know PC makers who sell you hassle-free 3 years warranties for HW failures under "normal use" (like dead HD etc). Warranties that cover shipping etc. Like you call support and the day after you have a truck at the door coming to pick up your machine in a special box and 5 days later the machine is brought back to you as new. And for free.

I don't know that.

Also, I don't know a Linux distribution that does multilingual support the way OSX does. Like, I can type French, Japanese and English out of the box on my sjis Japanese KB without having to change the KB layout (and blind type the French keys).

In fact _that's_ the main reason why I have not yet adopted Linux for work. And all the Linux people I meet at meetings all tell me that indeed, it is not trivial to have your machine set like that. They're Linux pros and I trust them...

All the software I use for _work_ is the command line, a good text editor, Java stuff or Windows stuff virtualized in VirtualBox. So if I could find a linux distribution that does multilingual support perfectly out of the box and a PC maker that is serious about support, I could consider moving from Mac to Linux for work.

My dream would be a Linux distribution that asks me during setup which languages and intend to use and install everything for me without having me to play with settings and input systems etc. I want something that works without hassles.

Jean-Christophe Helary
work: (ja/en > fr)

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