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Re: [tlug] Quoting...yet again

2008/12/23 Curt Sampson <>:

> Well, at risk of getting a moderation bit: how does this strike you?
> Let's drop the top-posting complaints, and instead complain about the
> thing that really does bug me (as well as all of the anti-top-posting
> crowd): excessive quoting.

Last summer, I started going after trimming even more aggressively
than I had been previously. This seemed to annoy everyone, so I pulled
it back a notch. I still consider failure to trim a no-no on TLUG, but
am a little more lenient in my definition of how much context is

As I think Scott has addressed all of your complaints, let's end this
thread now or move it to tlug-admin@ if anyone feels the issue is
still unresolved.


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