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Re: [tlug] Quoting...yet again

On 21/12/08 16:39, Scott Robbins wrote:

> Ok, for those who write me and ask me to point out to people that they
> should trim and not top post, I'm afraid I'm going to leave it to you to
> do so yourselves in the future.

It always bugs me when someone can't be bothered to format a post correctly
(because that's what it boils down to usually - not bothering to make the
effort). One of the things I've always liked about TLUG is the fact that
there are some extremely knowledgable people here who take the trouble to
respond to questions that sometimes deal with very specific computing issues
that not many people do know about. These people are busy and I think that
writing in a way that they feel makes life easier for them is, if anything,
a mark of respect and appreciation for the effort they make.

Conversely, sending a dog's dinner of an e-mail is more like saying "fsck you"

Whether people like it or not, each mailing list has its own traditions, and
it's a good idea to observe them. "When in Rome" and all that...

I do find it sad that, even here, some people are not thinking about what
they're doing. With all the evidence that there's really no advantage to
doing so, there are still some people posting HTML to the TLUG mailing list.
Why? Do they not even know thay're doing it? Or don't they care? Do they not
even think that there are a whole bunch of people here - the very people
they look up to for help - who are using console-based mail clients and who
are going to have to reconstitute the bastardised plain text part or
decipher the HTML?

G. Stewart -

A grammarian's life is always intense.

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