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Re: [tlug] Backward compatibility problem in RHEL5

On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 06:48:49PM -0800, shikdar mohib yazdani wrote:
> Hi all,
> Thank you for the replies.
> I have tried with gcc34 in rhel5. It compiles well, but when I run the program it crashed.
> I also tried compiling with "gcc34 -static", but no luck, program crashed.
> Is there any way I can compile the program in rhel3 and include all the necessary libraries in the binaries; then copy it in rhel5 and run?
>  Best Regards

Shikdar, a quick note before I start getting emails from folks who are
annoyed by it.  

Please don't top post and please trim your posts.  See

It's actually to your advantage as you're more likely to get answers
too.  :)
Many people are extremely busy, and if they see something top posted,
they aren't going to bother scrolling down to see what it's about and
will just delete it.

Many people do it, and trimming posts is always a judgement call, but
you'll find that many technical lists are the same way. 

Thanks, and sorry for the interruption.  

Scott Robbins, TLUG moderator

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