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Re: [tlug] Backward compatibility problem in RHEL5

Le jeudi 18 décembre 2008, shikdar mohib yazdani a écrit :
> I have tried with gcc34 in rhel5. It compiles well, but when I run the
> program it crashed. I also tried compiling with "gcc34 -static", but no
> luck, program crashed.
> Is there any way I can compile the program in rhel3 and include all the
> necessary libraries in the binaries; then copy it in rhel5 and run?

I'm not sure of what you tried to do.
The static build is supposed to be made on the rhel3 system.
Then run it on the rhel5.
You can check if there's still dependencies with "ldd". It should reply it's 
not a dynamic executable if it's a static build.

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