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Re: [tlug] Kubuntu 8.04 -> 8.10 Upgrade "Problems"

On Tuesday December 16 2008 16:48, CL wrote:
>>"'This is your PC on drugs' background" (whatever that means)
>We must have a lot more people on the TLUG who never lived through the
>Sixties than I'd imagined.  And/or I am the only one seeing that 3-D
>update of a late-1960's sitcom opening credits background that is KDE
>4.1's opening screen.

Well, not being a KDE user (AfterStep is what i've been using the last 
10 years or so) i've never seen the KDE 4.1 opening screen. And not 
having been born until the late seventies, i'm not familiar with most 
sixties sitcoms. The only reference i got was to an American anti-drugs 
commercial from the eighties (i think--might've been early nineties) 
consisting of an uncracked egg and an announcer saying "this is your 
brain" and then the egg sizzling in a fry pan with the announcer 
saying "this is your brain on drugs".

Just curious, which sitcom is it that KDE looks like? Or is it more of a 
genre style than any one in particular?

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