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Re: [tlug] Kubuntu 8.04 -> 8.10 Upgrade "Problems"

Daniel A. Ramaley wrote:
On Monday December 15 2008 18:54, CL wrote:
After downloading and installing Kubuntu 8.10 32-bit desktop on a
spare IBM NetVista, I decided to go ahead and install it on the
machine that would do the least damage to my everyday routine first
--- my ThinkPad R61, currently running 64-bit 8.04.  I decided to
upgrade rather than install new.

If i understand correctly, you are taking an amd64 installation and upgrading it to a newer version of an i386 installation. I was rather surprised the installer let you do this, or that you saw something as

Ummm ... no ... sorry for any confusion there ... I tried out 8.10 on a spare 32-bit box before deciding to upgrade my everyday machines, which are 64-bit types. Also, since I was updating rather than installing, the installer program would/should have known which flavor to replace the existing 8.04 with.

advanced as the "'This is your PC on drugs' background" (whatever that means) when you rebooted. I'd recommend upgrading to the same

We must have a lot more people on the TLUG who never lived through the Sixties than I'd imagined. And/or I am the only one seeing that 3-D update of a late-1960's sitcom opening credits background that is KDE 4.1's opening screen.

architecture as is already installed. Or in the case of a machine that had one architecture and was upgraded to another (your ThinkPad), just pull any important data off the drive, wipe it, and install fresh. Thankfully Ubuntu and its derivatives don't take long to reinstall.

The important data was already copied off before the upgrade was attempted. I _am_ a newbie to Linux, I _am_not_ new to computing.

The final decision, made after asking the same questions on the Kubuntu Forum was to make the HDD a virgin all over again and to install 8.10 from a CD.


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