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Re: [tlug] Kubuntu 8.04 -> 8.10 Upgrade "Problems"

CL writes:

 > We must have a lot more people on the TLUG who never lived through the 
 > Sixties than I'd imagined.  And/or I am the only one seeing that 3-D 
 > update of a late-1960's sitcom opening credits background that is KDE 
 > 4.1's opening screen.

I'm sure there are quite a number of TLUGgers who survived the 60s,
but those who nevertheless retain the brain cell that controls the
ability to debug boot problems mostly don't use Ubuntu (although the
disks are really cool to chop coke on, neato diffraction patterns ...
once I even saw a hologram of Princess Leia!)

BTW, Canonical being a very marketing-kuwashii corporation, I doubt
they leave the KDE-supplied background in place.  Rather, I'm sure
they replace it with one of their disgusting PC United Colors JPEGs
(as if they didn't cater to the North side of the Digital Divide).

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