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Re: [tlug] Kubuntu 8.04 -> 8.10 Upgrade "Problems"

Francois Cartegnie wrote:
I rebooted and ... I see the "This is your PC on drugs" background, but
no combobox asking for entering my user ID or my password.  I have
rebooted using the repair function for the latest kernel, and have run

I don't use ubuntu, but what I can guess is that your X session is stuck at the display manager which might be kdm.
Try: shutdown your X server from a virtual console, run startx as user and/or as root. You'll see if the problem is with the session manager (kde will be launched), or the display manager (will be stuck too).

Thanks to you and Steven for that suggestion. I had run "kdm" and "startx" from the command line several times before asking here. And I had also attempted to edit xorg.conf using previously known values ... none of which made a single bit of difference. At the suggestion of the Kubuntu Forum intelligentsia, I D/L'ed an .iso and reinstalled from scratch ... which also enabled me to mostly make the ugliest parts of KDE4 go away, and I have my data back and am running again.


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