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Re: [tlug] Regaining System Sanity

Dave M G writes:

 > Should I set up a dedicated GRUB partition?

I think it's overkill.  This is a solution for those who want to spend
hours fussing with their system, installing and uninstalling multiple
OSes.  Since you're planning on simply using the same OS, different
releases (right?), it's just a matter of telling grub about the old

 > And it seems to be pretty easy.

It's not, for you, unless you're willing to risk putting the GRUB
partition above the 1024 cylinder limit.  Putting the GRUB partition
into the low cylinder part of the disk means not only truncating your
existing single partition, but moving it "up" by 1MB or so.  That's
not easy.

Where the GRUB partition is probably doesn't matter for you, but if
you don't care about that small risk, probably you don't care about
the other issues this addresses, either.

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