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Re: [tlug] Regaining System Sanity

From: "Keith Bawden" <>
Reply-To: Tokyo Linux Users Group <>
To: "Tokyo Linux Users Group" <>
Subject: Re: [tlug] Regaining System Sanity
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007 11:33:57 +0900

Should I set up a dedicated GRUB partition?


But maybe it's overkill for my situation...?

Never done this myself and from reading a bit of the page you linked to the following quote may answer your question: "If you've ever had four or more Linux distros on one box, you already know the answer."

Here is what I would recommend to help you with your new build:

1. Keep things simple.
2. Plan out the build (keeping the above in mind).
3. Document the build as you go, and keep document things you do to
the system once you have built it.

For number three above I generally keep a few text files in /root/doco

/root/doco/install.txt     <-- this one contains steeps taken during
the install including partition schema, and commands run (e.g. apt-get
install screen)
/root/doco/todo.txt       <--- this contains a list of things I plan
to do. Especially good for when you duck out half way through
/root/doco/post_install.txt   <--- similar to install.txt. However I
track apps that have been installed after the initial setup. I also
keep notes here on any gotchas and workarounds associated with
anything newly installed.

Also, if I make any changes to a config file I comment those changes.
How much you comment depends on your understanding on the changes
made. For example if you know the changes effect inside out the I
simply write something like:

My current build is an LFS build, and I am keeping text file /root/packages.txt that
lists the packages I have installed. I still need to go through and list all of the little
packages for X though. ^^;;

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