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Re: Re: [tlug] TLUG Funding (was: Feisty stuff, etc.

It actually seems pretty pointless to argue about it. However, I
obviously think TLUG could be doing more to support the spread of
Linux in opposition to the cancer of Microsoft. Actual financial
planning might support options like quarterly installation festivals
with free beer and bunny girls. Maybe we could create some kind of
24-hour help service using Skype? Whatever. If it brings a lot of new
people into the Linux community, I might be willing to vote for it.

Sounds like you want TLUG to become some kind of "incorporated" identity. Paying dues, running help services, financial planning and what not. For any of this to become a reality we would need to treat and run TLUG like a company. That means TLUG would become work, and that is not (IMHO) what TLUG is about. That is what companies like RedHat, Canonical, Linspire, IBM, Google and so on are at least partially about.

For me TLUG is a place to meet like minded people, learn some stuff,
maybe help some others learn, and "Just for Fun"[1].

I would not like to see TLUG become work, but that may just be me.

Regards, Keith


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