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Re: Re: [tlug] TLUG Funding (was: Feisty stuff, etc.

On 4/7/07, Shannon Jacobs <> wrote:

Actually, I would favor the bunny girls over the additional geeks, but
I think it would be even better to attract more regular people, and
especially regular Japanese people. Nor am I especially worried about
missing the company of the people who are that scared of a donation
can, even if they're free to ignore it.

So the goal is to attract more regular people, hmm, I think that is wrong minded. I think the focus would be better spend on demonstrating simple solutions, than seeking a demography.

It does cost money to demonstrate ideas, whether the money comes from
your pocket or elsewhere. Perhaps we could start a project fund and
pay folks to give  presentations, or maybe to pay for travel costs. I
suppose regular folks might not be interested in watching a
presentation on a Linux-based  inference engine solution, but perhaps
purchasing a <fad device> and showing how linux makes it better would
be more appropriate and tangible. Costs infererred would be payable by

Any hardware and software purchased for presentations would be
property of TLUG.
I suppose then we'd a place to store all of this stuff, not to mention
where to keep the inventories, balance books for audit, and a few
number of part-time folks to sort out any NPO legal requirements,
payments, ect. But I digress.

Is this the direction we want to pursue?

If TLUG is a trivial joke, then I regard that as a reason for me to
ignore it. I'm not saying Linux should try to become a business like
Microsoft. Becoming your enemy is not victory. However, I do think
there are some basic business principles that might be applicable
here, and I'm not fond of depending on charity.

I'm sure we could structure TLUG to appear and behave more like an official NPO. But then I don't see your point on charity. One of my favorites organizations, WNYC (, asks for charitable contributions on a periodic basis. and it has been a good business practice for them.

It actually seems pretty pointless to argue about it. However, I
obviously think TLUG could be doing more to support the spread of
Linux in opposition to the cancer of Microsoft. Actual financial
planning might support options like quarterly installation festivals
with free beer and bunny girls. Maybe we could create some kind of
24-hour help service using Skype? Whatever. If it brings a lot of new
people into the Linux community, I might be willing to vote for it.

Sorry, I don't feel that Microsoft alone is a threat to Linux. I think the answer lies more in perception of risks to businesses, IP issues, and in other intangibles.

Good luck with the Skype idea, I tried it before but as Plan 9 support
incarnation, it was entertaining to say the least. Give it a go. But I
really think giving IRC a chance might be more beneficial, especially
with keeping conversation logs and making them available to TLUG
members over HTTP. YMMV.


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