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Re: [tlug] Serious clock wrongness

Michael(tm) Smith wrote:
"Michael(tm) Smith" <>, 2007-04-03 12:30 +0900:

I have a problem with the clock of a Linux VM that I'm running as
a guest OS under Parallels on a MacBook.
[snip snip]

Just for an extra pointer the ntp page also has an entry on using NTP within a virtualized guest:

	In general, NTP puts a demand on system hardware interrupts
which is not something that can be done easily (at the present) on
anything except bare hardware (or a better virtualization system)
unless you  want to spend time doing all those kernel tweaks which
I think sucks but well having an incorrect system clock sucks even more.

	Another option is to just run ntpdate on an infrequent
basis cron job for virtualized guests.  Personally I prefer
the ntpdate option if you don't need down to the millisecond
accuracy on your machines (If you do perhaps virtualized guests
aren't the best of options).


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