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Re: [tlug] Serious clock wrongness

"Michael(tm) Smith" <>, 2007-04-03 12:30 +0900:

> I have a problem with the clock of a Linux VM that I'm running as
> a guest OS under Parallels on a MacBook.
> While the clock in OSX on the machine always displays the time
> accurately, the clock on the Linux VM, aftter being set to the
> accurate time at startup, runs slowly -- losing a secord or two
> every few minutes.

I got an off-list reply with a pointer to this message:

Which, strange universe this being, includes a link to a Microsoft
support article:

And which suggests adding booting with "clock=pit" param to force
(fallback) to the relatively-crappy-but-works "Programmable
Interval Timer" as a clock source. So it's really just a
workaround. But a working workaround that's a whole lot better
than watching the clock move along at it's own willy-nilly pace
that it otherwise would.

There's actually a lot of other good information in that article.
Clearly some smart person must have snuck into Microsoft late at
night, wrote it, and left. Or some shoemaker's elves.


Michael(tm) Smith

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