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Re: [tlug] Feisty Upgrade, USB issues and other oddities

Marcelo, Keith, TLUG,

Thank you for responding.

I tried adding myself to the plugdev group (assuming this command I found on the web is correct):
$ sudo useradd -G plugdev dave
useradd: user dave exists

So it seems I'm already in it.

Then, on my next reboot, I noticed some error messages related to udev:

udevd [2649]: add_to_rules: invalid SUBSYSTEMS operation
udevd [2649]: invalid rule `/etc/udev/rules.d/10-udev.rules:3`
udevd [2649]:  invalid KERNEL operation
udevd [2649]: invalid rule `etc/udev/rules.d/10-wacom.rules:3`
udevd [2649]: specified group nvram unknown

At this point I just want to be clear that I'm not really clear on what udev is, except that it's somehow related to controlling USB devices.

My Wacom device is referenced in those errors. But it is working, although I now realize it's a little different. When I use my mouse wheel for scrolling up and down web pages, the directions are reversed. I have to roll the mouse down to move the page up, and vice versa. So I'm thinking maybe the driver has defaulted down to some other setting.

After the reboot, SD cards and the bluetooth device still seem to be unavailable to me as a user, although dmesg still reports their successful connection.

This is all a little fuzzy to me, so I want to make sure I proceed in the most rational and cautious way. Count my feathers and all that.

What would you recommend as a next step to diagnose the problem?

-- Dave M G Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn Kernel 2.6.20-13-386 Pentium D Dual Core Processor

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