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Re: [tlug] Feisty Upgrade, USB issues and other oddities

Well, it seems that usbmount is working the way it's expected. I don't
know whether you were planning to install it or it's been accidentally
installed. From apt-get's description of the package, you can
understand how it works and what are the possible solutions to your

Description: "This package automatically mounts USB mass storage
devices (typically USB pens) when they are plugged in, and unmounts
them when they are removed. The mountpoints (/media/usb[0-7] by
default), filesystem types to consider, and mount options are
configurable. When multiple devices are plugged in, the first
available mountpoint is automatically selected. If the device provides
a model name, a symbolic link /var/run/usbmount/MODELNAME pointing to
the mountpoint is automatically created.

The script that does the (un)mounting is called by the udev daemon.
Therefore, USBmount requires a 2.6 (or newer) kernel.

USBmount is intended as a lightweight solution which is independent of
a desktop environment. Users which would like an icon to appear when
an USB device is plugged in should use the pmount and hal packages

Homepage: "

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