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[tlug] Linux-compatible Mac laptop?

Hello Tluggers,

Is there such a thing as a linux-compatible Mac laptop on the new-computer market today?  I want to order one in the next few weeks, if there is.  Any recommendations?

What do I want?
1. speed -- booting applications quickly, nice graphics (mostly photos, probably some video), music
2. not-so-difficult installation of Linux, specifically Debian and Ubuntu

What do I not care about?  
1. size of screen
2. new, fancy hardware

Where am I going to use it?  
In a Japanese university, with digital projectors, video cameras, and printers. (I know that much of that won't be Linux-compatible, and some of it not even Mac-compatible, but I don't want to give money to the Monopoly Company, so...)

By the way, the many recommendations I received previously on my first Linux computer last year proved very helpful.  The PrimePC I bought with minimal specs, the "boring generic" stuff, has worked great and not given me any trouble.  Debian and Ubuntu both work really well on it.  Thanks to everyone who advised me.

Without having contributed much, here I am again asking for advice.

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