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Re: [tlug] Feisty Upgrade, USB issues and other oddities

On 04/04/07, Dave M G <> wrote:
Marcelo, Keith, TLUG,

Thank you for responding.

I tried adding myself to the plugdev group (assuming this command I
found on the web is correct):
$ sudo useradd -G plugdev dave
useradd: user dave exists

So it seems I'm already in it.

Um no, it isn't the right command. useradd creates users, use usermod to modify them. Also the command 'groups' will show what groups you are in. So to add yourself to plugdev you would need to do:
#:  user="dave";sudo usermod -G `groups |sed "s/^$user //;s/ /,/g"` $user

What would you recommend as a next step to diagnose the problem?

Have you submitted a bug report yet? It is usually advisable to do so. Also check the bug database for a similar problem, I have heard of it happening on edgy as well, so there might be a solution available.


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